MPC-123 Compare

Main features:

  • Freely chosen interfaces: up to 4 interfaces.
  • Supported interfaces: RS485, RS232, Opto (Kamstrup), Mbus, Current loop, GSM/GPRS.
  • Discrete inputs: up to 4 devices
  • Analog inputs: up to 2 devices
  • Supported protocols: Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP/IP, IP, ICMP, UDP, TCP, DHCP, PPP, ARP, SNTP, IEC60870-5-104:200 and transparent.
  • Special: transparent non-standard protocol data transfer
  • Power: 85 - 250 VDC (10VA)
  • Power for external devices: 3,7/5/6/8/10 VDC (20mA) and 24 VDC (50mA)
  • Internal batteries: 2600mAh (reading data 4 times a day, on power fail controler can work about 14 days)
  • Additional battery: 350mAh (for discrete chanals, to ensure wakeup of Controller's on discrete event)



MPC-123 controller is designed for GAS consumption measuring, contains hermetic enclosure and internal batteries -for uninteruptable work even on power failure.
MPC-123 is created for data reading, archiving and analyzing in a real time. Using GPRS/GSM controller sends saved data and reports to remote users.
Controller supports most of protocols and interfaces (RS232, RS485, MBUS, Opto, Current loop, Analog and Discrete inputs), so it can be used with different brands and models of meters. Our special “TRANSPARENT” data transfer protocol enables controllers to use with practically any device.
Device supports wide range of protocols (and can be extended by our programmers, if you need some special). For data exchange over GPRS/GSM any Serial interfaces, controller uses Modbus TCP/IP, Modbus RTU, IEC60870-5-104:2000, SNTP and other protocols.
Our clients – GAS, Heat, Watering suppliers, Industry companies in EU, Ukraine, Central Asia.


  • Reading data from energy carrier meters;
  • "TRANSPARENT” remote data reading from counters (special manufacturers protocols);
  • Analog and Discrete input ports;
  • Independent data log (up to 8MB) with real time stamp;
  • Remote configuration and upgrading possibilities over GPRS/GSM;
  • Wide range of interfaces: GSM/GPRS, RS232, RS485, Current Loop, USB, Opto, Mbus;
  • Galvanically isolated interfaces and power supply;
  • Hermetic enclosure for quich instalation, no need to use additional rack;
  • Device secured by opening alarm.


  • Economy, because controller does a lot of mechanic work, so your professionals can do more important work;
  • Increase efficiency, because the data are sent to a central computer continuously. If connection is lost, data will be safe kept in controllers memory, until connection will be reestablished;
  • Increases security, because the relevant information is rapidly shorten response time;
  • Versatile, because this controller can retrieve data from different manufacturers and even different types of meters;
  • Simplicity, because of intuitive control and optimally assembled LED’s it is easy to monitor and maintain equipment;
  • A good partner, because we not only help you customize and will make equipment, but also flexibly adapt controller, if your demands will change.


The exceptional feature of this device - a flexible hardware and software configuration, it depends on customer needs, you can choose the desired interface and functionality.

Manufacturers code:

First interface
GSM/GPRS4 band 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
Second interface (galvanically isolated)
RS485distance up to 1,2km, max 32 transivers, speed up to 19.2 Kbits/s
RS232distance up to 15m, speed up to 19,2Kbit/s
Opto(Kamstrup) data transfer interface
MBusup to 8 devices
2 wire active Current Loop25-27V, 14-20mA, up to 6km, speed up to 19,2Kbit/s
Universaljumper switchable
Third interface
RS485distance up to 1,2km, max 32 transivers, speed up to 19.2 Kbits/s
RS232distance up to 15m, speed up to 19,2Kbit/s
Discrete and Analog interfaces
Discrete IN4sink contact
Analogi IN2current, reading 10 times per second
Modbus RTU
Modbus TCP/IP
FTP server
FTP client
DNS client
One-phase power85-250 VAC
Galvanic isolation>1000V
Internal battery2x (3,7V 2600 mAh) and 3,7V 350mAh
Power for external devices3,7/5/6/8/10 VDC (20mA)
CPUARM Cortex-M3
Memoryarchive storage 2-8 MB, independant data storage without power about 5 years
LED indication
Status of discrete input, for each port+
GSM/GPRS modem status+
Programing and updating
LocallyUSB, RS232, RS485
Physical characteristics
Dimmensions199x179x71.5 mm
Weight830 g
Mounting typewall mounting
Safety classIP65
Climate conditions
Operating temperature-25..+60 °C
Storage temperature-40..+60 °C
Humidity range5-95%, non-condensing
Other fuetures
Real time clock+
MBus auto setup+
24 months warranty period+

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