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V.Bartkeviciaus enterprise "Valsena" - private Lithuanian capital, dynamically growing company, was founded in 1996 4'th of June in Kaunas. At the very beginning the company has two employees, who have developing software for PC based visualization of technological processes, according to individual orders of customers.  In process of data collection and remote transfer, often was meted request of nonstandard electronic equipment. To simplify monitoring of industrial processes has been started  manufacturing of unique  electronic. At the moment, designing and manufacturing of electronic equipment takes about 80% of total production. 

 At the year from 1997 to 1998, has been employed main core of  our professionals (most of them has been working in Kaunas Radio Measurements Research Institute). They experience ensure high quality in designing, producing and programming of a unique microprocessor based equipment.

Our mission - to expand range of non-standard equipment to fully meet customers need's, improve processes of designing and producing of unique software and hardware products.

Devices created by Valsena is valued for they flexibility and innovation. Our devices are created, made and tested in company’s laboratory, by using modern technologies and equipment. All products support directives and standards of EU. Since 2008 03 09 the company is working by quality management system - LST EN ISO 9001:2008, certificate no. VST.08K.004. Our products are certified and comply by LST EN standard.

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